Portraits from the Hate Machine is a website devoted to the best of live music. We offer extensive archives of unofficial live recordings for free download and streaming media in both audio and video formats for our featured bands. We are grateful that all our bands generously allow the free sharing and trading of these shows. It is strictly prohibited to sell live recordings and Portraits vigorously pursues those who do so. It is also strictly prohibited to share official recordings such as commercial album and DVD releases. Support the artists by buying their official material and merchandising.

Unofficial live music plays an important role for bands - it stimulates interest between albums and showcases them to the concert going public. In their quest for control of the music industry, the record labels often fail to appreciate this. The internet offers a forum in which both bands and fans can benefit from sites such as this one. Bands are no longer introduced to the majority of new fans via traditional pre-internet routes. New fans find bands on YouTube, torrent sites and sites such as ours - giving them a legal alternative to listen to and watch new music rather than downloading pirated official material has to be good for everyone.  If they like what they find and become fans of a band they will go out and buy the official material.  Fans will spend a lot of money on a band they like.  Unless they are disrespected and treated like criminals by the very labels who want their custom.

This site is about more than just providing live recordings for the fans. We are part of a network of thriving fan communities on the internet. If you have an interest in any of these bands then join in! We offer links to the major fan forums and social networking pages along with sites of interest such as wikis where you can find detailed information on the band of your choice.

Although our archives are extensive, we must work hard to continually add to them. One of the ways in which we obtain new material is through the relationship we have with our users who generously donate shows we do not have in exchange for the many they download from us. We are always grateful to anyone who is kind enough to offer new shows to us so that they may be shared with and enjoyed by many thousands of fans just like you. We are also grateful to those who record the shows and then share them with us. Portraits also campaigns with the fan communities to ensure their continued enjoyment of free music. The illegal selling of unofficial recordings (bootlegs) has been endemic in the past and the free sharing of so many quality shows is the best way to undermine this. We have been much more successful as fans than the record labels whose heavy handed tactics have proven to be counter-productive and have aroused much ill-feeling. If they persist in limiting the distribution music they will end up making it rarer and therefore more attractive to unscrupulous sellers.  It also discourages pirating (the illegal downloading of official material) by providing the fans with legal alternatives. One day the record industry might wake up to the fact that working with the fans in a constructive way is much more productive and sensible than attacking their own customer base (a stupid and risky strategy at best which WILL backfire on them).


2015-04-17  Finally the entire site is now back up with the final upload stream of NIN videos!  It has taken around 5 months to upload the 2.4 Tb of shows that we now have available.  In addition to finishing the upload, there has also been a large update for all the bands.  Check the home pages for details of the new shows.

2014-12-31  The Manson videos are now all up.

2014-12-22  The Manson videos are now updated until the end of 2003.

2014-12-17  Finished uploading the Manson videos for 1999.

2014-12-16  Manson videos updated until the end of 1998.

2014-12-13  Updated the Manson videos to the end of 1997.

2014-12-10  The next batch of Manson videos are now available.  The shows up until the end of 1996.

2014-12-06  The first batch of Manson videos are now available.  I have only uploaded until the end of 1994 so far, so those are the only links that are valid.  All the shows that are going up can be seen on the page and they will be linked as the files are uploaded.

2014-12-05  The NIN audios page is back up.

2014-11-26  The Manson audio page is back up and running.  New shows have been added and after the site move is complete, there will be a further update of more recent material.

We are currently undergoing a massive change and the site is moving.  This will ensure that we can continue to grow in the future but it means that there will be some disruption until the changeover is complete.  The entire move will take us about 2 months and the links will gradually come back as we progress.  There is to be a very large update of new material too.

Last year our Facebook group, in conjunction with Provider Module, launched what became a very successful community project.  The artists in the Manson community came together to create an original Art Book and the musicians contributed to a CD.  The result was both professional and beautiful and they were presented to Manson after a show.  He was delighted with them.

We are blessed within our communities with a diverse range of extremely talented artists from all branches of the Arts. If you are in a touring/recording band in need of publicity please contact us with a press pack and demos/tracks at pfthm@live.com.  Below you will find links to music videos and albums from some very good bands that you may not have come across before, check them out!


The self-titled new album by The Beautiful but Damned is now available for order on CD or as a digital download.  This album was much anticipated and did not disappoint.  The digital album can be downloaded though Bandcamp in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more), plus unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app at


The CD can be ordered from Amazon and will ship early in March.


The digital album 'Luna' by Stephen James Buckley is definitely worth a listen.  You can get an immediate digital download of the 16-track album through Bandcamp in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more), plus unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app.



The new Ghost in the Addict album, 'Milkless', is now available on CD.  Order of the CD includes immediate digital download of the 16-track album through Bandcamp in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more), plus unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app.  Check out some of the tracks and download from